“It’s Winter Now” by Jockum Nordstrom.

1. “Have Love, Will Travel” by Richard Berry and The Pharaohs (1959)

2. “Mama’s Boy” by Biff Rose (1968)

3. “Trouble with My Lover” by Betty Harris (1968)

4. “(I’ll Be Glad When You’re Dead) You Rascal You” by Jimmy Noone & His Apex Club Orchestra (1930)

5. “Denga, Denga” by Ashton Savoy (1958)

6. “Roll with the Punches” by Carol Fran (1967)

7. “Good Jax Boogie” by Dave Bartholomew (1950)

8. “Pigtails and Blue Jeans” by Leonard Carbo (1958)

9. “Natural Soul Brother” by Danny White (1968)

10. “Not That Kind of Guy” by The Glory Rhodes (1966)

11. “Reborn” by Marilyn Barbarin (1971)

12. “Classified” by James Booker (1976—from a live show in Hamburg, Germany)

13. “Sixteen Chicks” by Joe Clay (1956)

14. “Tired of Crawling, Gonna Start to Run” by Johnny Ray Harris (1960)

15. “Nothing You Do” by The In-Crowd (1966)

16. “Put on Your Grey Bonnet” by Wingy Manone & His Orchestra (1939)

17. “I Want to Be Loved (But Only by You)” by Savannah Churchill (1947)

18. “Bayou Country” by Gritz (1970)

19. “(Every Time I Hear) That Mellow Saxophone” by Roy Montrell and His Band (1956)

20. “Love Lots of Lovin’ ” by Lee Dorsey and Betty Harris (1967)

21. “Joe” by Dale Hawkins (1969)

22. Blues Negres by Cleoma Falcon (1934)

23. “They Raided the Joint” by Linda Hopkins (1951) 

24. “Something Out of Nothing” by Lenny McDaniel & The New Era (1965?)

25. “Someone to Give My Love To” by Joe Simon (1973)

26. “Haven’t Got a Dollar To Pay Your House Rent Man” by Genevieve Davis ( 1927)

27.”Hard Luck Blues” by Beatrice Hill with J.D. Nicholson & His Jiving Five (1954)

28. “Don’t Let the Devil Ride” by Ike Gordon (1975?)

29. “Get on Board Aunt Susan” by Jimmie Davis (1931)